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Fulani Travel has created a selection of tours that do justice to the world’s most culturally rich and diverse continent. Our tours are constructed to offer memorable visits to very special regions in Africa. Countries we visit include Mali, Algeria, Libya, Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudann.

Travel to Mali

Travel to Mali, ‘the pearl of West Africa,’ known to inspire any visitor. Timbuctu, Djenne, Dogon country, Mopti, Taoudenni, the Festival in the Desert– the names conjure up images of the exotic, the remote, the obscure, and above all – the welcome – that is given to anybody who takes the time to visit and discover the treasures that Mali has to offer. To find out more about travelling to Mali click on the following linkg link - travel to Mali

Travel to Algeria

Thinking about travelling Africa? why not travel to Algeria, from its historic coastal Roman legacy to its heart deep in the dunes of the Sahara, Algeria is a centre of interest with its World Heritage sites of Djemila and Tipaza and great desert locations of the Hoggar and Tassili. To find out more about travelling to Algeria click on the following link - travel to Algeria

Travel to Libya

Culturally and visually stunning, the contrasts of Tripoli, Leptis Magna and the Fezzan will show you the different faces of a country that make up the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

Travel to Morocco

So close to Europe, yet culturally so far away. It has never been easier to find yourself in this land of casbahs, water-sellers, medinas and the morning call of the muezzin. Low-cost airlines have now added Morocco to their schedules, making it simple to enter this exotic world- whether staying in a riad in Fez or Marrakech, visiting the towering Atlas mountain range or trekking with camels on the fringe of the greatest of deserts - the Sahara.

Travel to Ethiopia

There are so many faces to Ethiopia, it is sometimes difficult to accept that we are talking about one nation: in the North, it is a country with a living history, from the medieval rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, to Gondar – Ethiopia’s 17th century ‘Camelot’. Its history is unrivalled in Africa, and so is the region’s dramatic landscape, with endless canyons and gorges splitting the high plateaus. The South contains some of Africa’s last great wilderness, and as you travel down through the Rift Valley, passing its lakes, you head for an isolated region possessing some of Africa’s most fascinating and colorful ethnic groups. The Omo Valley is a area not easily travelled, but the effort is well-rewarded. Travel to Ethiopia, and meet the diverse tribes of the Omo Valley - an experience that will remain vivid in your memory. To find out more about travelling to Ethiopia click on the following link - travel to Ethiopia

Travel to Ghana

Blessed in many aspects, Ghana has hundreds of miles of coastline with beautiful beaches; Ruins of European forts full of poignant memories such as at Cape Coast; vibrant, shabby fishing villages; the gold of the Ashanti at Kumasi; Kakum and Mole National Parks, and a people whose warm welcome is second to none.

Travel to Benin

Visit the coastal region to Ganvie, the stilted village and Abomey with its fascinating – and brutal - history. Or ‘journey to the interior’ where ancient ways of the bush still exist hand-in-hand with the more cosmopolitan way of life found around coastal towns. Ancient African arts and religions still thrive if you scratch below the surface. Benin is the birthplace of Voodoo, still much practiced today, such as at the festivals that take place in Ouidah.

Travel to Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou, Bobo Dioulasso, Gaoua - the travelers’’ best-kept secrets. No tourist trail, no ‘must see’, and thus no barriers between traveler and village. Village life is firmly connected to the past and is the hub of present-day Burkina. There is a fantastic variety of culture, dress and architecture. There is the romance – and harshness - of the semi-desert North, contrasting with the biggest film festival in Africa that takes place in Ouagadougou. It’s the country that nobody knows that will give you the experience that you will never forget Ask anybody who has been there – and there aren’t many...

Travel to Senegal

Dakar is famously dynamic and sophisticated with a thriving culture of music and art, and the city of St Louis is full of a fading French colonial heritage, complete with grand but crumbling 19th century houses. By contrast, Senegal is also a country of Muslim brotherhoods--with Touba as its religious center--and diverse peoples in the east and south of the country – especially the Bassari. There are wilderness areas with Niokolo-Koba National Park – perhaps the best game viewing in West Africa – and the Djoudj bird Park – the best place anywhere to see European migratory birds. Senegal’s diversity means that it is an ideal destination for the traveler to visit for two weeks of exploring.

Travel to Egypt

Egypt’s historical monuments are the legacy of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known, and its pyramids, temples and tombs still retain the ancient glory of the Pharaohs for all visitors to witness. These monuments are scattered along the fertile valley of the River Nile – Egypt’s life-blood. There is also a hidden part of Egypt far from the fertility of the Nile Valley, and is seldom visited: It is a land beyond the oases of the Western Desert, remote and isolated, and an area rich in prehistory with amazing geology and landscapes. It is the last part of the Sahara to be explored – and rock-art discoveries are still being made today. The region consists of three parts – the Great Sand Sea, the Jebel Uweinat, and the Gilf Kebir plateau. It is the perfect environment for a unique tour of discovery.

Travel to Sudan

Our unique cultural/adventure tour goes beyond Egypt’s southern border, taking you across Lake Nasser into the deserts of Nubia, following the Nile through the historic kingdom of Kush, visiting the Royal Cemetery of Meroe, and other remote sites, that give you a sense that you discovered them yourself. Tourists are scarce here, so there remains the natural charm, dignity and hospitality of the Sudanese people. It seems far removed from the camel rides and belly dancers north of Lake Nasser, and equally far from the political problems found way south. Our journey concludes in Khartoum, sitting at the confluence of the White and Blue Niles—a town rich in historical battles and sieges – both romantic and violent – between Gordon, the Mahdi and Kitchener.

The list above gives an indication of what can be seen on our tours, but perhaps the most important ingredient of any Fulani tour is the friendliness of the local people you will meet en route, who have proudly retained ancient traditions despite the region’s economic harshness. It is a world beating to a slow African rhythm, and if like us you have a passion for people, our tours will give you an unforgettable experience.

To gain the experience to travel to Ethiopia, travel Algeria or travel Mali. The Fulani people have been journeying across the great plains of Western Africa for many centuries in a great swathe ranging from Mauritania and Senegal, across Cameroon, Mali and Niger. Fulani Travel provides the following services to people interesting in travelling the continent of Africa:

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